WUkds Dead Silence Keycaps

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颜色: Dead Silence 168 Key
Dead Silence Keycaps
The Death Knight is one of the Four Horsemen, depicted as a skeleton with a sickle and a cloak, symbolizing the power of death and withering. This impressive image description was also used by me in the overall design.

The overall color scheme uses a black and red color scheme (the blood-red one), and uses a milky white color contrast design in some personalities and characters, which will make the overall look more attractive, which makes this set of keycaps more perfect. For matching, black, red, and even milky white suits can be matched.

In the choice of personality design, I used some elements that I think can represent withering and dead silence, such as death, falling petals, struggling crawling skeletons, withered dead trees, etc., all of which can remind people of a dead and dead It pays tribute to and draws on this profound philosophical concept by highlighting the withering and dead feeling of death through color matching. Although death is a frightening existence, we hope that through this "dead silence" keycap,

Look deep in our hearts for answers about life and death, always face challenges with wisdom and tenacity, and transform every keystroke we have into cherishing and praising life

* Note: This is a Keycap, Not a Keyboard!!!!
*Number of Keys: 168 Keys
*Height: Cherry  Profile
*Material: PBT DYE-SUB
Keycap thickness: 1.5mm