WUkds Soda Juice Keycap

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尺寸: Soda Juice 183 Key

Soda Juice

The theme of this keycap is bubble juice. It adopts a fresh white color with a gradient color of dopamine, which is the most eye-catching boy in this summer. In the letter area and number area, colorful bubbles are added to embellish the whole picture, so that it will not be too monotonous and elegant; then the design of the personality key boldly adopts the most popular dopamine gradient color at present, and made a gradient with eight colors, seven of which correspond to different juice colors

Mouse Pad:900*400*4MM
* Note: This is a Keycap, Not a Keyboard!!!!
*Number of Keys: 183 Keys
*Height: Kca Profile
*Material: PBT DYE-SUB
Keycap thickness: 1.5mm

【Many styles of personalized supplementary keys】: This keycap set has a large number of personalized supplementary keys, you can use them to assemble different styles of keyboards according to your own ideas. When you get tired of one color style, you can change your keyboard to a new style by swapping out a few keycaps.
【Widely Compatible】: 183 keycaps can be used for most ANSI US layout mechanical keyboards, and any key switch with a cross-shaped axis. 183 keys can fit for 61/87/104/108/84/64/98/96 mechanical keyboard.With 7U space bar and 1.5UAIT CTRL key and double B key.Compatible with Alice mechanical keyboards.
【Dye-Sublimation PBT Keycaps】: With high-quality PBT material and an anti-grease coating, these keycaps provide top-notch durability and a great feel for your typing. less prone to grime buildup. The Dye-Sublimation technology made the color has penetrated into the keycap, the service life of up to ten years will not fade.
【Extra-Thick Key Walls】: The thickened keycap wall makes the keycap more sturdy and durable. The quality is not lost on those expensive keycaps. Packed in blister and carton with a keycaps puller, it is an absolutely worthw